Skate and Love 冰糖炖雪梨 by Jiu Xiao Qi

Skate and Love 冰糖炖雪梨 by Jiu Xiao Qi

Why I picked up this book, I have to commission it to my recently finished drama Go Go Squid 情爱的热爱的 and dang is it sweet! It had me reminiscing the feeling of falling in love all over again. My girl crush on Yang Zi also rose to a new high. Fans definitely will not be low on Yang Zi drama supply because she got tons lined up.

Knowing that Go Go Squid was adapted from a novel (aren’t almost all dramas nowadays?) and having a mental sweet tooth so I’m on the lookout for more stories like Go Go Squid. My book selections has been limited to only ones produced into audio books and only those with multiple voices as well. Yes, I am spoiled! I wasn’t able to get into the author’s other novels that were adapted into Audiobooks.

Finally, I caught sight of a new upcoming drama adaption intro of 冰糖炖雪梨 and thought to give the book a try since the drama was not out yet. The English literal translated name of this Book would be Steamed Pear with Rocky Sugar which again is another dish like Honey Stewed Squid so that’s why it caught my eye.

Want to Read it?

Chinese Ebook
Ximalaya Audiobook Part 1
Ximalaya Audiobook Part 2
English Translation by Tea Fragrance

Intro to the Book

The timid boy Li Yubing had always been bullied by the “Desk Lord” Tang Xue. The only thing they have in common was that they both had a dream of ice skating. A few years later, when they reunited on the campus of Lin University, the cowardice Li Yubing had already become the “Ice God” of the Lin University ice hockey team, and the “Desk Lord” Tang Xue was just an ordinary college student cast into the veterinary major, who have long swayed from her dream.

The grown up Li Yubing was nothing like his old self and Tang Xue has been reduced to being just his tortured assistant. Gradually, inspired by Li Yubing, Tang Xue had returned to her dream of speed skating.

From a relationship of water and fire to one that walks together in unity. The two finally understood the other’s hearts, but not without the misunderstandings from childhood, the intervention of others, the decisions in their sports career, and other pressures that came one after another. On top of the thin ice where love and dreams are intertwined, two passionate hearts turned love into motivation, skating towards an unknown and inciting life of dreams….

Thoughts after reading (do not ready if you do not wan’t to be spoiled)

This novel started slow with a lengthy introduction into our CP’s childhood. The story goes to tell how our main girl Tang Xue tortured the main guy Li Yubing during their Primary School 6 years. It was very hilarious to read and you will find yourself laughing out loud at what they do to each other. Like the part where Li Yubing tried to get back at Tang Xue with spoiled candies only to freak himself out in the end because he though Tang Xue was dying. It’s pretty detailed during the Primary School and their childhood part ends when they go to Middle School. To Tang Xue’s disappointment, Li Yubing wants to get far far away from her and did not follow her instructions to go into the Middle School she went to. This was covered with a white lie that went and bite him in the back when they meet again in college.

Once Li Yubing start to know more about Tang Xue’s Middle School and High School days he starts regretting why he missed out on that part of her life. She had a first love during her High School day that she gave up her Speed Skating dream to pursue only to fail when she couldn’t get good enough grades to go to the same University. She had a evil classmate that keeps making fun of her. She had a new and more loyal underling that never gave up on her and follow her into High School and College. Summarizing it all, he missed out on a big chunk of her life. It’s also touching how they understand each other so well because they knew each other since childhood and some habits die hard. Though they like to think it’s because enemy knows you best.

While reading this into the sports part, I can’t help imagine how nice this drama could come out. We have the main girl as a speed skater, the main guy as a hockey player, and the 2nd main guy as a underaged figure skater. Yes, he is underaged at 17 and it becomes a joke in the story of them being a family of 3. Except, it is not the type of family we expect.

This story is a story about dreams. There was a conversation between Li Yubing and Tang Xue which I find very meaningful.

Scene Recap

“Li Yubing, I want to ask you a question.” Tang Xue said.


“If between dream and love, you can only pick one, which would you pick?”

“Li Yubing squinted his eyes and looked at her, questioning her: “Why do you ask that?” Could it be that she want give up Yu Yan for her dream? If so, than nicely done!

Tang Xue rushed him, “Quickly, which will you pick?”

Li Yubing thought for awhile, and shook his head: “This question isn’t scientific. There’s only one right answer, no choice.”


“If you pick one, you have to give up the other, that’s the condition right?”

Tang Xue nodded, “Yes.”

“If you give up love for your dream, you will have your dream; but if you give up your dream for love, in the end you won’t have anything.”

Tang Xue looked lost, “Why is that?”

“Because, let’s say you gave up your dream for love, you will count all your lost dreams on your love, you would think you gave up so much for him. When you becomes farther and farther away from your dreams, the greater your resentment on love. That’s how romance is slowly smoothed out.” Li Yubing’s face was unreadable, like a skillful con man, and added “You better believe it, that’s human nature.”

If anyone has read this book, feel free to discuss with me!


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