粉妆夺谋 Pink Conspiracy – Chapter 3

粉妆夺谋 Pink Conspiracy – Chapter 3

Madam Su quickly opened the bag when she heard that there were ten boxes of Tianxiangjin in there. When she saw that it was Tianxiangjin 1Heavenly Scent Well Tea even her eyes lit up.

She opened the box one by one and smelled them, giving a confirming nod. “It really is Tianxiangjin 2Heavenly Scent Well Tea. Since it leaves its fragrant on your lips and teeth after drinking it, soft like silky satin that’s why it’s named Tianxiangjin 3Heavenly Scent Well Tea. A box is worth a thousand gold, who did you rob?”

“There’s tea to drink, why ask so much?” Su Feng Nuan took down the sword and handed it to Madam Su, “Mother, look, is my sword good?”

Madam Su looked up only to see Su Feng Nuan pulling the sword out of its carrier, the cold aura flashed around, like snow like jade, she nods, and praised, “It is a good sword. And, who did you rob this sword from?”

“This sword is called Xueyu 4Snow Jade, but it is not robbed, your daughter won it from a fight with a friend of Jianghu who is good at welding swords. He dug out a thousand year Hanyu 5cold jade from an ice cave on Tianxue Mountain and was only able to weld one sword, but before it was ready, I won it. If it’s not for this Hanyu 6cold jade sword, I wouldn’t be able to injure the Northern Zhou’s second prince, Chu Han”

“Good sword,” Madam Su took her eyes from it and looked at the bag, eyes full of love, “but not better than this tea.”

Su Feng Nuan rolled her eyes.

Madam Su no longer asked about the origin of the tea, and happily holding the bag pulled Su Feng Nuan into the house.

After Madam Su made a pot of Tianxiangjin 7Heavenly Scent Well Tea to drink and put the rest away, she engaged Su Feng Nuan in some small talks for half a day before feeling satisfied and finally remembering and asked, “What about your third brother? Your Father sent a letter, said you and him were returning together, how come only you’ve returned? Where is he?”

Su Feng Nuan rested on the pillow and was sleepy, “Behind.”

“You and your brother fought again? How come one in front and one behind?” Madam Su asked .

Su Feng Nuan made some noise and closed her eyes.

Madam Su asked again, but she was silent. Taking a look, she had fallen asleep.

Madam Su than discovered that she was full of dust, her shoes were also stained with soil, and the clothes looked like she hadn’t change for two or three days. Seeing her lying on the mattress’ clean, brand-new satin sheets, sleeping soundly, only then did she start feeling repulsed about it. Even so, she couldn’t bear to wake her up, gets up and walks to the front of the house to receive Su Qing who was coming later.

Su Qing ran back to the Su Manor panting, his head and face of dust and dirt. Seeing Madam Su and immediately asked, “Mother, is that skunk girl back?”

“Already back! Just entered the house and sleeping.” Madam Su looked more repulsed at her third son, “You both look like you came out from the soil. Who did you fight a mud fight with?”

Su Qing hears that and blew out anger from his nose that it becomes disfigured. Cursing, “Dead girl, she pulled a trick, she did something to my horse.”

“Sure enough, it was a fight.” Madam Su covered her nose and waved her hand, “Quickly go wash, so dirty.”

Su Qing threw the reins and rushed into the courtyard, going to look for Su Feng Nuan to get even.

Madam Su grabbed him, “Are you a older brother? Do you not know to go easy on your little sister? She looks tired, you are not allowed to wake her, if she wakes, I’ll have no ends with you.”

Su Qing was unhappy, “Mother, we’re all your own, how can you be so bias?”

Madam Su snorted, putting her hands to her waist, “They all say that said that the daughter is the mother’s cotton jacket, this really is true. Your sister came back and gave mother ten boxes of Tianxiangjin 8Heavenly Scent Well Tea, what did you bring to your mother?”

Su Qing choked, bug-eyed. “She raced back with me, where’d she get ten boxes of Tianxiangjin 9Heavenly Scent Well Tea?”

Madam Su looked at him, looking distasteful, “Why do you care about where she got it, you didn’t get it for me anyway. Quickly go back to your room to wash. Although we have been away from the Capital for 12 years, the Emperor has definitely sent people to clean it from time to time. Everyone’s room is clean, you are still in your previous yard. If you’re not cleaned up, don’t enter my room and dirty my place.” After saying those words, she turned and went back into her room.

Su Qing looked at Madam Su slowly return to her yard and blinked.

This is what’s so-called same people, but different lives!

Su Feng Nuan probably didn’t wash up either, dirty, but soundly sleeping on the pillow in Mother’s room.

He blinked at the master room for a long while, reluctantly thinking about it, that Mother favored daughter, but she gave birth to three sons in a row. When she finally gave birth to a daughter, she loved her like she was really something, even if she wanted the stars in the sky she would naturally take them off for her. However, the skunk girl was an overturn, since young she didn’t like to stay at home. When she was younger, every two or three days she’d run out. After she grew up, the times she came home in a year could be counted with five fingers. Each time she came home, she would always bring back things for Mother that was at the top of her heart, knew how to sweet talk, and make people happy, so like this, Mother loved her even more!

Apart from losing the thousand-years snow lotus, coming home and not being treated well, don’t need to say how wronged he felt.

I only hate myself for not being a daughter. If he is a daughter, there is no such thing as Su Feng Nuan.

After all, Mother was afraid of giving birth. If it wasn’t because she wanted a daughter that much, but only giving birth to three sons in a row. His mother gave birth to big brother and allowed the Su family to have a heir she hadn’t wanted to give birth again. Therefore, after giving birth to Su Feng Nuan this daughter, she finally got what she wished and determined not to give birth again.

If thinking this way, if it wasn’t for his mother wanting to give birth to Su Feng Nuan, it would seem that he and Second Brother wouldn’t be a thing. Quickly, his feeling of wronged lessened.

Going back to his room, after washing clean, he was already sleepy to the state of being upside down, so unable to pain over the loss of the thousand-year snow lotus, he fell asleep already.

At the time, Ye Xiang was hunting with a group of people.

The hot day had a group of people crying out to the heavens. Ye Xiang was also soaked in sweat, but still pursuing to hunt after the lion without giving up.

Chen Shu, the second son of the Anguo-gong 10Meaning Sir Anguo in ancient China Manor complained loudly, “Ye Xiang, are you still human? It’s been an hour, are you done yet? Do you want us to die of heat?”

Shen Qi, the son of Jingyang-Hou Manor11Hou meaning = Marquess ‘of Jingyang’, also shouted “Ye Xiang, you have this fierceness, you should go to the border, the Northern Zhou’s shitty second prince can not be your opponents.”

The Ping-jun Manor’s Xiao Jun-wang, 12Xiao Jun-wang means the son of the Duke of Ping-jun Qi Shu also could not take it, and joined in the uproar, “I”m not playing anymore! He slept for three months, and now he is full of energy. Even we play til tomorrow, all of us together can’t win him.”

“So, are we seven admitting defeat?”

The three men heard and all turned to look at him and shouted in unison. “Not admitting defeat, then you go at it!”

Liu Yan, wiped off the sweat and shook his head, “Dying from the heat.”

The three looked at the other people.

The others were also too hot, motioning with their hands and shaking their heads.

“Than we’ll admit defeat.” Chen Shu used his sleeves to shield from the burning sun over his head, and said with annoyance, “Ye Xiang that a bastard, he offered to pay at the teahouse, but didn’t expect in the end, it’s us seven that pays the bill for him.”

Qi Shu hit his head, “Yah, we each lost a thousand gold to him, seven people together lost seven thousand gold. So, him insisting to come hunting and put down a hunting bet was for this purpose.”

“Too inhumane!” Shen Qi also came to a realization, “Seven thousand gold don’t say pay for one day of tea, can pay to drink ten days of tea with commoners of the Imperial City lining up ten rounds wouldn’t drink up so much money. I’m kind of broke lately, had I known, I wouldn’t gamble with him.”

“Too late.” Liu Yan was also regretful.

At this time, Ye Xiang had already captured the lion who could not move. He looked at the seven people full of spirit and asked proudly. “Are you all sure about admitting defeat?”

The seven men looked at him and gritted their teeth.

“Not convinced? Then come again, don’t say up til that tomorrow, even the day after tomorrow, Shi-zi, I have the energy.” Ye Xiang said.

The seven quickly deflated, waving their hands in unison, “Consider us defeated.”

Ye Xiang laughed and let go of the lion. The lion was not injured, but he was already tired and could not run. After he let go, he lies on the ground, looking at him with grief.

Laying on the horse, Ye Xiang glanced at the lion, and slowly said, “I am a Shi-zi, you are a lion 13lion in Chinese, is pronounced Shizi, we can’t count as a family. How about you follow me in the future?” The

The lion suddenly stood up and rubbed against the horse’s leg.

Qi Shu was amazed, “Even animals know to kiss the horse’s leg. 14Meaning: Knows how to suck up to him” Ye Xiang removed a rabbit from the saddlebag in front of the saddle, throw it at it, and proudly said, “Follow me the Shi-zi and there’ll be meat to eat, but you have to be obedient, without my permission, you are not allowed to eat human.”

The lion suddenly became energetic and started pulling and eating away the rabbit.

Liu Yan couldn’t bear to see such bloodiness and moved his eyes away. “Ye Ge Ge15Older Brother, what does it mean that if you do not allow, it is not allowed to eat human? Do you mean that you would allow it to eat human after all?”

Ye Xiang nodded. “So, you should weight it a little bit, don’t offend brother, I.”

Liu Yan suddenly shrunk his neck.

Qi Shu glanced at Liu Yan and smirked. “Look at you, not in the bit promising, even afraid of that? What did you come to hunt for?”

“Hunting is hunting, this is raw tearing.” Liu Yan’s body felt chilly while he looked at the lion’s bloody mouth; seeing Ye Xiang still looking at the lion, smiling like he was appreciative, and pointed at him, angrily said, “You are too… bloody.”

Ye Xiang turned back and looked at him laughing, “Courage is really small indeed, a shame for the grandson of the Prince Jin 16A Prince is a royalty without a Duke titleManor.”

Liu Yan suddenly hardened his neck, dissatisfied with the comment, “Not bearing to watch blood and killing, what does that have to do with shame?”

Ye Xiang twisted up the horse’s reins and turned the horse’s head. A faint smile on his face, “A rabbit even though small, but if it is clever, and runs fast, it might not become the lion’s dinner. But, a rabbit is a rabbit, born a rabbit, not a lion. This is just the so-called law of the jungle.” After saying that, he hit the horse with the whip and called everyone, “No fun, let’s go back to the city.”

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