About Me.

Hi fellow CNovel fans!
I’m Chancy and I was first introduced to Cnovels through BuBuJingXin (Startling by the Steps) drama in 2012 which led took me to Ockoala’s blog, where I started reading my first Cnovel: 大漠谣 Ballad in the Desert by Tong Hua, via Ockoala’s translation at the time. My love of Cnovels has brought many good things to my life. I have great improvements in my Chinese listening, reading, typing skills, and I also found my own novel-like love after hoping into an online wuxia game under the influence of reading 微微一笑很倾城 Just One Smile is Very Aluring by Gu Man.

Top 10 Favorites.

曾许诺 Once Promised by Tong Hua
春秋大梦 Grand Dream of Spring & Autumn by Meng San Sheng
孤芳不自赏 by Feng Nong
浮生梦,三生约 Floating Dreams, The Promise of 3 Lifetimes by Ye Xiao 
华胥引 Hua Xu Yin by Tang Qi Gong Zi
三千鸦杀 Killing of Three Thousand Crows by Shi Si Lang 
媚公卿 The Bewitching Courtier by Lin Jiacheng
娥媚 Phoenix by Emei 
闲花惹草/闲花弄影 Invitations of Flowers by Su Fei Ying
两只前夫一台戏 Two Ex-Husbands on One Stage by Dian Xian

Through the years, Once Promised has always stayed my #1 favorite book since 2012 and it was the book that packed the biggest punches. Except Once Promised being my # 1 favorite, the other novels are listed in no particular order.

From my list, you can tell that I prefer ancient novels over modern ones. Not that modern CNovels aren’t good, it’s just that the ancient novels are much more rich in cultural background which makes it more unique and memorable to me.

Feel free to contact me at chancy426@gmail.com