粉妆夺谋 Pink Conspiracy – Chapter 7

粉妆夺谋 Pink Conspiracy – Chapter 7

Madam Su and Su Feng Nuan stepped out of the room and there were many greetings of “Madam. Lady,” Sounded from outside.

Madam Su waved her hand to quiet them, “Ding Xiang and Shao Yao follow.”

“Yes, Madam.” Two pretty maids swiftly bowed their heads.

Su Feng Nuan took a casual glance, seeing that there was about a hundred in the in the courtyard which were maids, maid-women, and cooks. The two maids that her mother called were not familiar to the eyes, not old servants, seeing how the two dressed, was different from the other maids. The clothing they worn were better than those of ordinary ladies, it was apparent that they were maids gifted by the palace. If her mother had not forced her to change into the new clothing, she would definitely fall short to them.

Madam Su turned her head and said to her, “Yesterday I instructed all the servants to come over this morning. One, I want them to meet you. Second, these years you haven’t wanted to have maids serve you, but now you have returned to the Imperial City, so it can’t be like before. You have to pick a few maids. Initially, I wanted you to choose a few that you like, but I didn’t expect the Emperor to send someone to the Su Manor to summon you to the Palace so soon, so today we can only skip.”

Su Feng Nuan said uninterestedly. “These small matters, Mother can make the decision.” ”

Madam Su reached out to tap her forehead and smiled as she scolded her. “Don’t expect it, your own maids, you choose yourself.”

“Alright then, let’s talk about it when we come back from the Palace.” Su Feng Nuan rubbed her forehead hurting from the dab, “Where’s Third Brother? Has he returned the manor yet?”

“Back already. “Madam Su snorted, “That stinky boy, probably still sleeping, since the Emperor did not summon him, he doesn’t need to go the Palace, let him be. ”

“Being a man sure is a good life.” Su Feng Nuan muttered.

Hearing that, Madam Su was mad and amused at the same time.

The mother and daughter reached the front door. Someone had already prepared the carriage. The two went into the carriage and headed to the Palace.

In the carriage, Su Feng Nuan whispered, “Our Su Manor now has enough servants to make a herd. How did Mother take so many? My father’s little income, definitely can’t feed them all. Big Brother, Second Brother, and Third Brother all have not married. Don’t end up needing to spend even their saved up money for getting a wife.”

Madam Su started laughing, “Rest assured, even if don’t have money for their wedding gifts, there would still be money for your dowry.”

Su Feng Nuan’s lip twitched, there really isn’t a moment to forget about her.

“After Mother returned to the Imperial City, the Emperor, Empress Dowager, Queen, the Imperial Consort have rewarded us plentifully. When your father returns to the Imperial City, there’d probably still be bigger rewards. Currently, the warehouse is already full, so feeding these people is not a problem.” Madam Su said, looking at her with a sly look and whispered, “You father is a rough man with a straight heart and a simple heart, him taking on the Commander General position is just for the people of Southern Qi, and to guard the Empire’s territory. But, if a Empire wants to establish stability, how can it do only by military power, it is still dependent on internal affairs. Twelve years ago, if there weren’t people inside the Palace playing games, the Duke and Duchess of Rong-an would not have fallen into attack during the battle with Northern Zhou, and your father would not be resigned. So this time your mother returns to the Imperial City, no matter who send servants I would not turn them away. This also because if we want to be secured in the Imperial City, so that your father can also be stabled in the military with no worries, so we can not just isolate ourselves inside our manor and just try to listen carefully. The eyes of others1the servants that others plant in the Su Manor to be their eyes and ears we can also take advantage of. ”

Su Feng Nuan thought it funny, “So that’s what Mother is plotting, it is a good method.”

“Whoever sent the person, it can be told at a glance, already know the background, it’s easier than finding new people and than needing to spend time to do background checks. Much more worry-free “Madam Su said.

“Mother is also a lazy one.” Su Feng Nuan made fun of her.

“Stinky girl, the words I used on you, you take it to use back on me.” Madam Su scolded in fake anger.

The carriage came to the entrance of the Imperial Palace, and Feng Sheng, the chief eunuch of the Emperor, looked to have been waiting for a long time.

As soon as the Su Manor’s carriage arrived, Feng Sheng immediately greeted them. “Madam Su, has Lady Su come? The Emperor have been expecting for the whole morning.”

“She has come along.” Madam Su pulled Su Feng Nuan out of the carriage.

Feng Sheng saw Su Feng Nuan and was stunned. “Is this Lady Su?”

Madam Su said with a smile. “The real thing, it is my little girl. Greetings, Gong-Gong2addressing a eunuch.” Afterwards she turned to Su Feng Nuan, “Feng Nuan, be quick and greet Sheng Gong-Gong.”

Su Feng Nuan gives Feng Sheng a courtesy.

“Oh dear, Lady Su, please don’t be too polite, having you greet me an old slave is too much.” Feng Sheng’s face piled up with smiles, and quickly avoided it. Laughing he said, “The old slave has long heard that Lady Su inherited Madam Su’s beauty, but I didn’t expect it to like green out of blue, yet green surpasses blue. Really is even 3 degrees more beautiful than when Madam Su youthful days. At first glance, she was like a fairy from the heavens, blinding3Can’t find a word for it. It should be more of like growing needles in my eyes. What is said to happen when people look at porn for too long. lol your old slave’s eyes.”

Su Feng Nuan saw his old face, bringing up all the wrinkles as he laughed, and thought it to be funny.

As for Madam Su, her heart was flowering. Her most unbearable thing is when people praise her daughter, she also laughed like a flower. “Gong-Gong really knows how to praise people. One praise for the two of us, make my heart feel like I’ve eaten honey.” After saying so, she took out a box of Tianxiangjin4the expensive tea from her sleeves and handed it to Feng Sheng, whispering, “This box of Tianxiangjin, Feng Nuan brought back from the outside, I don’t know who she robbed. If Gong-Gong don’t look down on it, please take it!”

“Oh my, a box of Tianxiangjin is a thousand gold, I’m not worthy. Madam should keep it. It is too good of a tea for this old slave.” Feng Sheng quickly refused.

“I know that the Gong-Gong also loves to drink this. You are a fellow drinker like me, so don’t turn it away.” Madam Su pushed it into his hands.

Feng Sheng indeed really loves tea. Seeing Madam Su put it in his hands, he naturally could not refuse anymore. He quickly took it and whispered. “Madam Su has been away from the Imperial City for so many years, I didn’t expect you to remember that this old slaves loved tea. The Emperor only received five boxes of Tianxiangjin, kept two boxes, a gave a box to the Empress Dowager, a box for the Queen, and a box for the Imperial Consort. This Tianxiangjin is very precious and rare. This old slave thank you Madam.”

“These years, the Su Manor have been cleaned without dust, all thanks to Gong-Gong’s hard work cleaning up. Besides, my friendship with Gong-Gong does not require any thanks.” Madam Su smiled. “This stinky girl running around outside all of these years, she has many good things in her hands. I don’t know where it was robbed. If there is something that Gong-Gong can’t get your hands on, just tell her, let her get it for you.”

Feng Sheng immediately looked at Su Feng Nuan and smiled. “The old slave heard that Lady Su has learned martial arts from the Commander General since a young age, and since it’s all good martial arts, but from the looks, obviously is a petite person. Looks nothing like someone Madam says who runs outside all the time?”

“Gong-Gong do not be fooled by her appearance. This is a minx that can jump on roofs of the house. “Madam Su whispered, “Fights with her brother, going up the mountains to catch loach, go underwater to fish, shave an old monk’s eyebrows, pulled on old daoist’s beard, everything she has doned before….”

Su Feng Nuan lips twitched strongly, unable to listen anymore, and extended her hand to pull Madam Su’s sleeves, “Mother, how can you say everything, aren’t you afraid of Sheng Gong-Gong will laugh that you do not know how to teach your daughter?”

Madam Su hadn’t replied and Feng Sheng laughed repeatedly, “Old slave, I, am on your side, and a lively daughter is a good thing, the Emperor also like lively young ladies.” Saying so, he continued” The Emperor have been waiting since after the court meeting early in the morning to see Lady Su, old slave, I will take Madam and Lady to meet the emperor. ”

Madam Su pats away Su Feng Nuan’s hands that held on her sleeve, and walked in front.

Feng Sheng led the way, whispering while walking, “Because the Emperor and the Empress Dowager’s preferences between Ye Shi-zi and Xiao Guo-jiu, they are in disagreement right now with no ends. These two days, they are both not in a good mood, fighting on the surface and under, it’s been awkward. The Emperor today did not go to greet the Empress Dowager at her quarters. Earlier today, the Queen had strike Consort Qi because yesterday Consort Qi was not feeling well and the Emperor initially already flipped Consort Lin’s panel, but he left her to go see Consort Qi. The Queen was angry, and striked Consort Qi, saying that she had pretended to be sick in order to seduce the Emperor. Consort Qi’s face was striked swollen, and Imperial Consort Yue who was protective of her cousin, after finding out about it, was enraged as well. She brought the servant that striked Consort Qi to see the Emperor. The Emperor enraged, had the Queen put under confinement, and let her think about her wrongdoings.”

Madam Su nodded, understanding enough about the Palace affairs.

Su Feng Nuan thought that the affairs of the Royal Family was really a mess. In the day or darkness of this Imperial City its either becomes cloudy or rainy. Sometimes, there might be an addition of lightning and thunder. It’s no wonder Mother was willing to give out a box of Tianxiangjin to draw closer the relationship to Sheng Gong-Gong. Sheng Gong-Gong is the chief eunuch by the Emperor’s side. Having him, can have some special protections and know about the affairs in the Palace to some degree. If want to establish a foothold in this Imperial City, you really need to have your own connection in the Palace.

“In addition to summoning Lady Su, the Emperor today also summoned Ye Shi-zi of the Rong-an Wang-fu5Duke’s Manor to entered the palace. Ye Shi-zi has not come yet.” Feng Sheng whispered again. “After the Empress Dowager heard about that, she also summoned the Guo-jiang Manor’s Xiao Guo-jiu. Xiao Guo-jiu also has not come yet.”

Su Feng Nuan’s eyebrows drew together when she heard. If they both come, won’t it be a lively day today?

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