粉妆夺谋 Pink Conspiracy – Chapter 12

粉妆夺谋 Pink Conspiracy – Chapter 12

The Emperor did not sit in the Jade Carriage1Like the Phoenix Carriage for the Empress Dowager, the Jade Carriage is the designated ride of the Emperor. Feng Sheng had already ordered for preparation of the horse carriage, and the Emperor alone got onto the carriage.

Madam Su pulled Su Feng Nuan along and got onto the carriage behind it.

On the carriage, Madam Su saw Su Feng Nuan laughing without a care, and reaching out and harshly dabbed at her forehead. “Dead girl, what did you promise me? You said you would not fight in the Palace, why did you start something in front of the Empress Dowager, and also this…,” as saying, started looking at her in distaste, “The clothes are torn, what do you look like?”

Su Feng Nuan took off Madam Su’s hand and whispered, “Mother, I initially just wanted to try the Empress Dowager. I didn’t expect the Empress Dowager’s to be so vulnerable to being shocked. Later, bumping into her was because I had no ways. If I didn’t do that, the Empress Dowager would keep me in the Palace to teach. Where is the palace? It’s a place where people eat people and do not spit bones, can you bare if I was left in the Palace?”

Madam Su put down her hand, “Of course not.”

“Isn’t fine than isn’t it? At that time, I saw you did not have any plans and you were anxiously staring at me. Sheng Gong-Gong wanted to help, but the Empress Dowager pressured him with her status and wanted to beat him. I was forced to make this decision.” Sighed, looking at the clothing on her body, “Aye, such a good piece of clothing torn, I’m afraid it cost at least a thousand silver? My heart also hurts.”

Madam Su laughed. “Your heart hurts and you still tear it. Much more than a thousand silver. Your Mother likes it the most and it is torn up by you just like this. But compared to your reputation, the clothing of couple thousands of silvers are petty things. This time in the Palace, the news that you acted up in front of the Empress Dowager I expect will be spread out before tonight. After then, see who still dares to marry you.”

Su Feng Nuan thought it funny. “Even if I don’t to tear clothing and fight in front of the Empress Dowager, and pretend to be proper my reputation will be fine? There is no wall in the world that wind does not pass through. Whoever goes out to inquire will know that I am a wild girl.”

Madam Su was further angered into an angry smile and reached out to knock on her head. “How did I bore such a daughter? Although your father is the Commander General, but when he is not fighting battle he is more gentlemanly than a teacher. Your mother is from the Grand Secretariat Manor, most serious about etiquette training. How come down to you, haven’t inherit a bit of our good traits?”

Su Feng Nuan heard the words and laughed, “My father is gentlemanly? I can remember that many times Mother’s neck have been planted with plum flowers by him2Referring to hickeys.”

Madam Su’s face flushed red from hearing that, hits her with a lighting move of her hand and scolding at the same time. “Dead girl, you… not bashful at all!”

Su Feng Nuan dodged, looking at Madam Su’s bright red face, and laughed until she was almost out of air.

The mother and the daughter fought into a mess in the carriage.

The Emperor heard the laughter coming from the carriage behind and couldn’t help but smile.

Feng Sheng also smiled and whispered, “Madam Su and Madam Su do not look like mother and daughter, but more like sisters.”

The Emperor smiled and nodded, asked, “What is Ye Xiang doing today? Up to now have not heard that he has arrived at the Palace?”

“Ye Shi-zi is said to have drank Sanrezui3Name of a alcohol with the name ‘drunk for three days’ and is asleep, don’t think tomorrow, even the day after would not be able to enter the Palace. ” Feng Sheng said.

The Emperor heard the words and was angered into laughter, “This Ye Xiang, he has quite some good wines. Tomorrow I will write a decree, if he drinks whatever Sanrezui4three day drunk, Banyuezui5half month drunk, Yiyuezui6one month drunk, Sanyuezui7three months drunk, I will bestow him a bottle of Yongshengzui8lifetime drunk and let him be drunk till death.”

Feng Sheng covered his smile, “Ye Shi-zi loves wine. If he is not allowed to drink, probably will go crazy.”

“Going crazy is still better than being drunk all day.” The Emperor said, “When I look for him, even the summoning decree is no use. He always uses drunkenness to stall me. Even not meeting Lady Su now. Is he planning to not marry forever?”

Feng Sheng hearing so, said with a low voice, “Lady Su’s behavior before the Empress Dowager today is not pleasing to the Empress Dowager, suppose the will be hesitating with the initial plans. After all, the Empress Dowager’s favors Xiao Guo-jiu, certainly will feel that Lady Su is not worthy to be matched with Xiao Guo-jiu.”

The Emperor scoffed, “The Empress Dowager is not content. For so many years, seeing that I have been tolerant, and have been become ‘get an inch and want a foot.’ The Xu family have two Queens, have already become so prominent. I don’t understand, what else does can she ask for? Must I offer this Dragon Chair to the Xu Family? Xu Yun Chu is good, but he is not the only good one the world has.”

Feng Sheng sighed, “If the Crown Prince is more physically strong, the Emperor would not have to be so tired.”

“Don’t mention the Crown Prince, you mention him, and I am more tired.” The Emperor massaged the point on his forehead, “I thought that although Imperial Consort Yue was a little temperament, but is understanding, but now I it is really not so. I really shouldn’t have given in and agreed to let her raise the Crown Prince. Really should have kept him to teach by my side. Right now, it’s too late to say anything.”

“In these years, the Palace is like a tiger’s lair, and Imperial Consort Yue is also afraid that the Crown Prince has any mishaps, and her protection has been too tight.” Feng Sheng said.

The Emperor sighed, “Really can not blame her, the Queen is easily jealous, and my situation is because of the Queen, but the Empress Mother does not understand me, and sometimes I doesn’t understand. Is the son closer or the Maidan Family? Why is she is so ful hearted towards her Maidan Family? Not even a worry for the Southern Qi Empire.”

Feng Sheng for a while did not know what to say and simply did not answer.

“I don’t know how many more years this body can last, and some things are really imminent.” The Emperor spoke again.

Feng Sheng could only say, “The Emperor must take care of his body, you will be able to live a long life, the future is still long.”

The Emperor scoffed, “These are words good to say, also good to hear, but it may not be the case.”

Feng Sheng sighed deeply.

The carriage arrived at the Grand Secretariat Manor. Feng Sheng got off the carriage and went to kock at the front door.

Someone in the corner door poked his head out, took a look, and was shocked. Quickly opening the door and knelt to the floor to greet the guest.

The Emperor waved his hand and looked back to see Madam Su and Su Feng Nuan already off the carriage, and started walking into the manor.

Su Feng Nuan wrapped around Madam Su’s arm and whispered, “Mother, should I go back to the manor and change my clothing before go in?”

Madam Su laughed while looking at her, “Are you afraid that your Wai-gong9Grandfather on Mother’s sidewill see how you look and lecture you?”

Su Feng Nuan face looked dejected, “Yes, Wai-gong10Grandfather on Mother’s side’s stern face when lecturing is scary!”

Madam Su snorted, “Serves you right!”

“Your old steward did not know that Huang-shang11Addressing the Emperorwas coming, this is a belated welcome, may the Emperor be forgiving!” The Grand Secretariat Wang Lu arrived with some others in a hurry and knelt to bow.

The Emperor stepped forward and reached out to raise him. “The Grand Secretariat is excused. You have been editing the history records recently. It must be very hard work, you seem to have been tired and gotten thin. Quickly rise.”

Wang Lu stood up and wondered. “Why had Huang-shang12addressing the Emperorsuddenly pass by today? And without sending someone to inform your old steward beforehand, so that your old steward could be prepared.”

The Emperor smiled, “It just came up today, I suddenly had this intention to have Madam Su and Lady Su accompany me to visit you.”

Wang Lu after all had been in the Imperial City for many years. After hearing so could make some assumptions within the moment and glanced towards Madam Su and Su Feng Nuan. When he saw Su Feng Nuan’s hair loose, skirt torn, and there were several sword marks on her body, although not cutting through the clothing, but also made a hole, he immediately glared at her.

Su Feng Nuan braced herself and stepped forward to greet her Wai-gong13Grandfather on Mother’s side and Wai-po13Grandmother on Mother’s side.

Wang Lu snorted and scolded, “Unacceptable!”

Su Feng Nuan let out a cute smile trying to win their favor.

“Huang-shang, please come inside.” Wang Lu invited the Emperor to step inside, and told the woman besides him, “My wife, you bring the little girl into the inner quarters to change, give her a decent outfit, what is this look.”

The old lady nodded, different from Wang Lu’s face, and her eyebrows showed delight as she waved at Su Feng Nuan.

Su Feng Nuan quickly ran over as if under a great pardon14In ancient times, it is when the Emperor forgives Prisoners and set them free and wrapped her arm around her Wai-po arms and entered into the inner quarters.

Hi everyone! I’ve been busy this week preparing for a work trip later this month, so I will not able to translate as much this month. Will try to post once a week at least. The story in the beginning is quite slow moving because each chapter is like one scene. We are starting to move over the large hump in the beginning of the story.

Those who can listen to Chinese are strongly encouraged to try the audiobook because it’s super good quality.


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